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Sean Walton and David Smith are the co-founders of ELITE Sports & Entertainment, LLC. ELITE was created in 2012 due to Sean and David's love of sports and passion for advocating for their clients. Sean and David are both attorneys who utilize their diverse legal experience to protect their clients on and off the field. ELITE is a one stop shop that can take care of you and your family both during your career and beyond the field.

Our Services

Contract Negotiations

ELITE is one of the most powerful dealmakers in the NFL. ELITE is committed to maximizing your earning potential. Our number one goal is to garner you a lifetime of financial security.

Brand Management

Today’s professional sports world is about much more than being good at a sport. You have to take into account the fans, sponsors and how you are perceived.

Marketing & Endorsements

At ELITE Sports we not only secure your marketing and endorsement deals, but we are dedicated with building your personal brand and creating a lifetime of brand equity.

Public Relations

Public persona and professional reputation are of great importance and play a critical role in success. Whether a desire to be in the spotlight or preference to lay low, ELITE will work closely with each client to help develop and implement a desirable public persona. ELITE utilizes all forms of public relations to create and maintain a positive image, while also increasing visibility, value, and marketability.

Post-Career Planning

Realistically, very few athletes actually get the choice of when their athletic career comes to an end. Even if an athlete has a long successful career in professional sports, they still have to support themselves after it is all set and done. ELITE will assist you in preparing for life after football. We truly believe the best time to prepare is while you are in the spotlight as a player.

Legal Services

Through the vast legal network of the agency, ELITE is able to offer its clients the depth of legal expertise, talent, and resources available throughout the agents’ years of legal expertise and experience. Whether its estate planning or an unforeseen legal claim, we have you covered.

Our Team

"Trust us to take you to the next level. Together we are ELITE"

Roy Roundtree

Cincinnati Bengals

With ELITE you will have all the right tools to help guide you in the future. It’s a great team surrounded by people who want the best for you. They will go the extra yard to make sure you’re taken care of. It’s a Blessing to know that you can count on your team during any situation on or off the field. Less worries and straight grinding on your end. Best of both worlds in my eyes. ELITE has helped me from being a player to becoming a college coach. All they ask for you is to #BeGreat and the rest is history.

Alma Mater, University of Michigan

Michael Shaw

Washington Redskins

As a professional athlete, choosing your representation is extremely important. You are trusting your future in the hands of individuals who will have a certain impact on the direction of your career. With ELITE there's no question that their team will work tirelessly to ensure that you have an opportunity to succeed on and off the field. I can say that it's refreshing to have a support system that you can trust and works so hard for you. ELITE's not just a name, it's a culture I believe in. #ELITEtalent #ELITEsupport #ELITEwork #ELITEsuccess

Alma Mater, University of Michigan

Derricus Purdy

Chicago Bears

Team Elite, it's such an honor to be apart of a great team and not only a team but a family that really cares. Coming out of college so many turned me down and counted me out but this team here brought me in and worked hard sun up and sun down to get me in front of scouts. Forsaking time with their family even their own careers to grind it out with me. Always answered when I called or got back with me immediately. Great communication from agent to client relations which is extremely important in a partnership. Coming out of a small college with all the odds against me was tough but, having the right people who believe in the right things and never backing down is what I found in this team. I'm extremely humbled and excited to be apart of the family. My road to success begin here and I'll forever be indebted and greatful for my time spent. I'll encourage anyone that's trying to make it that this team here will definitely be in your corner every step of the way. God bless Dave & Sean.

Alma Mater, UTexas Southern University

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